Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith is a writer and Fashion Editor for the Foothill Dragon Press. She will be attending Willamette University in the Fall and will be playing basketball for the Bearcats.

"Neighbors" is inappropriately hilarious

Imagine a college fraternity moving in next door. This is the nightmare that Mac and Kelly Radner, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, and their infant live in throughout the movie “Neighbors.” Mac and Kelly are new parents and have just moved into a nice house in a quiet and quaint neighborhood. Unfortunately the fraternity Delta Psi moves in next door, turning the quiet and quaint neighborhood into a constantly loud and never-ending frat party.

"Oculus" shatters the typical horror movie with a different kind of villain

You’re going to be scared to look into mirrors. “Oculus” is a newly released horror movie that blurs the line between the past and the present. The movie takes place in two different time periods; 11 years in the past, when the main characters Kaylie and Tim Russell are young children, as well as in the present. The “villain” in the story is an old Victorian style mirror. This mirror is able to control the minds of those who are around it, including the environment around them. The mirror makes people see and hear things that aren’t really there and changes their perspective on time and place.

The prom dress that will make your heart fly

It’s that time of the year where “Promposals” are happening left and right and Prom seems to be the hottest topic of discussion, especially among girls. One of the most important parts of Prom is finding the dress of your dreams and completing the look you’re going for. This year’s prom theme is “Fly Me to the Moon,” and if you’re trying to comply to this theme, here are some ideas. Since prom is a formal dance, the majority of dresses will be long. However there’s nothing wrong with wearing a short dress or a hi-lo dress, and if done tastefully this can be a unique and cute look.

How to brighten up your look with nail polish

Tired of the same old plain and boring nail polish? Here are a few different products you can try to find that perfect, attention-grabbing look. Although plain nail polish compliments certain outfits, there are times when more adventurous and outgoing nail polish might look better. Sparkles are a great way to grab attention and go outside the box with your nail polish. It’s easy to vary your amount of sparkle if you don’t want it to be too flashy. You can use a light top coat of sparkles on its own, or paint it over a solid base coat for a lighter, more subtle vibe. If you want to maximize your sparkle, you can use a thicker sparkle nail polish. Sparkle nail polish compliments and completes any girly outfit, such as a summery dress. Essie has a great variety of sparkles.

The journey to find the perfect pair of jeans

Finding that “perfect pair” of jeans is an essential for everyone. Jeans are an American classic. They have evolved from the standard blue jeans to several different styles that can be worn for any and all occasions. This is the Dragon Press’s guide to finding the perfect pair of pants, because life is better when you have those go-to jeans. Everywhere you look, you see denim: dark washed denim, light washed denim, destroyed denim, colored denim, patterned denim, and now even fake denim. These different washes can be worn for several occasions and can be paired with almost any shirt. For girls, black jeans have become very popular because they’re easy to dress up or dress down. They can be worn in place of slacks for a fancier event, or they can be worn to school with a t-shirt.

Quick and easy beauty tips for early mornings

High schoolers value their sleep, and often rush to get ready and get to school on time. This doesn’t mean that your makeup has to suffer. Here are a few quick and easy things to do in the mornings to keep you looking fresh. 5 minutes: 1. If you’re tired, wash your face to help wake you up. 2. To avoid a hair malfunction, go with your natural hair. 3. To brighten up your face, dab a bit of concealer on your blemishes and under your eyes to even out your skin tone, and cover up potential dark circles.

For the athletes: The "sporty" look made simple

With the new year comes a newfound desire for a lot of people to workout. People start to focus on how much – or how little – they exercise. This leads to the sporty trend that we see around school. Some people associate sporty with “sloppy,” but it doesn’t have to be this way. If worn the right way, the sporty look can be one of the cutest and most popular looks around. Girls: It’s easy to make a sporty outfit cute. A simple pair of yoga pants, a plain tank top or t-shirt, a cute zip-up jacket, and running shoes or flip flops makes a sporty look casual. If yoga pants don’t sound appealing, you can always wear sweats with the same outfit or with a sweatshirt.

Ethan Tan: The fashion man

werking on the stage at lunch isn’t something unusual for junior Ethan Tan. He has a very unique and outgoing personality, and the same can be said for his fashion sense. Tan describes his style as “summer-y and light,” and he doesn’t like wearing layers. He’s often seen wearing cut off jean shorts with a vibrant t-shirt, or his favorite outfit: a sweater that has floral print on the top half with a nice pair of pants. His favorite seasons, summer and fall, are reflected in his clothing choices.

How to catch the perfect look for the "Snow Ball"

Although no snow is falling in Ventura, the “Snow Ball” is about to take place. Foothill’s Winter Formal is quickly approaching, and the search is on for the perfect dress to represent the theme. This search can be a challenging one, but this article may help you find the perfect winter wonderland dress for Winter Formal. The short, strapless dress. Credit: Lucy Knowles/The Foothill Dragon Press In years past, the majority of dresses worn to Winter Formal have tended to be short and on the tighter side. There are usually a variety of shoe types and colors to go with the different dress styles, however high strappy pumps or high-heels have been extremely prevalent at the most recent dances.

Fall fashion trends: the fleeting and the forever

Like the seasons, trends are constantly changing. There are several fashion trends at Foothill that are growing in popularity, but will they withstand the test of time? Brandy Melville, a brand of clothing that is trendy, feminine, and features a wide variety of cropped shirts and prints, is arguably the most noticeable trend at Foothill. High-top converse, cuffed pants, rings, and the “hipster” look is also very popular right now. “I’ve probably seen like 20 girls just at our school who are wearing it [Brandy Melville] and they have certain prints that are really popular like the daisy prints. If you see that print it’s Brandy,” junior Paris Dosch said.

Patagonia vs. The North Face: A battle for the better jacket

When the weather gets fierce, so does the competition for who can better equip you for the conditions. One long-lasting rivalry is between outerwear giants Patagonia and The North Face, and FDP Fashion investigates Foothill students’ opinions on this two-sided topic. The North Face began in 1966 in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The North Face sells clothes for men, women and children, along with a very broad outdoor and recreational equipment line.